CCP offers a number of shows and acts for tour. Please click the links below to be taken to details of our productions.

- Current Productions
- In Development
- Past Productions

(Angela de Castro is) "a tremendous Brazilian performer who is the last word in poignancy."

The Independent

Current Productions

  • TheGift

    The Gift

    A clown waits for his new date to arrive. Smart, proud and optimistic he waits longingly, impatiently ... waits ... and waits ... More
  • Stagehands


    Two to three clowns take the place of the stage hands and cause chaos with their unruly antics ... More

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In Development

  • AlleluiatheClownOpera

    Alone: All + One

    A large-scale show, mixing clowning, live music/opera, puppetry and strong design ... More
  • LaughingMatters

    Laughing Matters

    She who laughs ... lasts.
    Is laughing contagious? Is laughing infectious? Angela de Castro wants to find out ...

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Past Productions

  • OnlyFoolsNoHorses

    only fools (no horses)

    It's just another day in the office for Feste, Touchstone and Lear's Fool ... More
  • MyLifeIslikeAYoYo

    My Life Is Like A YoYo

    From the original stories and poems of Angela de Castro ... More
  • Oh Carols!

    Oh Carols!

    Angela de Castro's clown choir. 'can make you laugh and cry in the same moment, a sign of serious talent.' Everywoman ... More

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